How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress | Amazon Affiliate Website | For Beginners

Published on October 1, 2021

Interesting full videos top searched How to Create Amazon Affiliate Website in WordPress, How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress | Amazon Affiliate Website | For Beginners.

Learn how to sell your products, sell stuff on ClickBank, Amazon. Learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

✅ Update** WHEN INSTALLING WORDPRESS — In the Cpanel, at the very top under “Popular Links” click on “WordPress Installer” and then click the blue ‘Install Now’ button. Then at select “Choose installation URL ” and choose your new domain name and simply fill out the information as before and click the blue ‘Install’ button at the bottom***

I don’t know if there’s any other video that I’ve been more excited about than this video, and honestly guys, I think this might be the best one yet, because I’m going to show you something a little bit different to what’s currently being taught out there.

Start here:

1) Hybrid Website Introduction 00:00:00

2) Get Domain & Hostgator Hosting 00:15:55

3) Install WordPress 00:17:45

4) Login To WordPress 00:19:31

5) Welcome To WordPress 00:20:18

6) Create Website Pages & Optimization 00:21:29

7) Install Theme & 00:25:40

8) Installing (Elementor & Envato) & The Must Have Hybrid Site Plugins 00:27:10

9) Getting Started With Convertkit 00:37:15

10) Click link below video – 00:40:08

11) Creating the Hybrid Home Page 00:46:30

12) 00:47:49

13) Important Page Setting For All Your Pages – 00:47:55

14) Hybrid Homepage SEO Optimization – 01:03:27

15) Create Your About Us Page & Contact Page 01:32:30

16) Create Your Money Making Hybrid Website With The Profit Hack framework 01:44:20

17) 2 Free tools To Uncover Your Perfect Niche And Content Ideas 01:47:45

18) Getting Started with the Content Accelerator With Micro-funnels 02:00:45

19) Creating Micro-funnels To Sell Products With Amazon Affiliate Marketing (bridge page) 02:01:35

20) How To Make killer Affiliate Offers With A Bridge Page To Make Money 02:07:30

21) How To Create Content By Finding And Using Other People Content For Free 02:10:56

22) Getting Setup to promote Amazon Affiliate products 02:12:55

23) Getting Started With Micro-funnels To Rapidly Sell Different Products Fast 02:15:17

24) Get Started with Micro-funnels Here. 02:15:33 Clickfunnles link

25) Get Your FREE 3 Micro-funnels Templates 02:19:12

26) Create Click-bank Affiliate Micro-funnel 02:19:55

27) Cloning the Micro-funnels And Creating The Hybrid Website 02:21:11

28) Creating a product funnel to sell your stuff 02:22:22

29) Add resources to crete the tripwire 02:27:40

30) Click Link To Head Over
To Import Micro-funnels 02:28:00

31) Grab the 3 free Money Making Micro-funnel Templates 02:31:08

32) Add the Clickfunnels Plugin And Creating Micro-funnel pages 02:32:00

33) Adding Micro-funnles to the Hybrid Homepage to sell our stuff 02:37:30

34) Turn entire website into a landing page and funnel 02:39:30

35) Adding menu For ALL PAGES and adding links to site 02:41:35

36) Adding a blog 02:47:45


38) Resources

So in this video, I’m going to show you step by step how to make a website and earn money from it. Specifically, I’ll be sharing at least 3 awesome ways to start generating money from your website.

Now the real meat of this video is based on my exclusive money-making content accelerator. I call it content accelerator because it accelerates the speed at which you make money with your content!

Imagine being able to generate sales from every single piece of content you create, every blog post you write, every video that you do, every email you send, everything – trust me, this process is going to be a total game changer!

The content accelerator is different because it allows you to send people to a piece of content they DON’T have to optin for first. That could be a video a podcast, an audio recording, mind map, cheat sheet, a pdf, or even just a single page of killer content on your website.

The content accelerator can be applied literally to any business no matter how big or small. So it’s going to work for you if you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer, if you run an e-commerce store, have a coaching practise, sell info products or even sell services, this is going to work. Heck, even if you’re a startup, you can apply the principles I’m going to teach you in this video and start generating sales immediately.

Now if you’re thinking James that’s great, but I don’t have a product or service to sell yet, then don’t worry – I got you covered!

Because in this video, I’m going to show you how to use other people’s products to start generating fast cash for yourself. This is known as affiliate marketing, and I promise that even if you’re an existing affiliate marketer, the content accelerator is going to really help you!

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Website in WordPress

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Website in WordPress, How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress | Amazon Affiliate Website | For Beginners.

How To Make An Affiliate Marketing Website With WordPress | Amazon Affiliate Website | For Beginners, Get more explained videos about How to Create Amazon Affiliate Website in WordPress.

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